For us, the Monte Rosa alpine Guides, this mountain was and is our water, our land, the stones of our homes and our work / job.
But it is also a mountain still to be discover and to make known, to be feared and respected.
The Alagna Alpine Guides Group was founded in 1872, with the support of CAI Varallo, is now a group with 40 guides who, since 1989, when the mountain guide was legally recognized, operates with professionalism in the mountains of Valsesia and of the world.
We tried to make of the high mountains, a privileged place of our business, a gym for multiple disciplines, what with our action field and our professionalism makes them safe and accessible to all.
The sportive climbing, the ice-falls climbing, the canyoning, the trekking, the expeditions outside Europe are the proposals that we are able to offer to those who want to discover the mountain with us, perhaps with an eye of attention to educational concepts that are part of the necessary luggage for those who want to tackle the mountain.


The Association of Alpine Guides of Alagna was founded in 1872 under the patronage of CAI Varallo, and it was the second in the country after the one of Courmayeur founded four years earlier.Eight were the founders: Giovanni Barone, Giuseppe Guglielmina and Carlo Martinale from Alagna, Antonio Bruno di Riva Valdobbia, Giovanni Gamba, Giacomo Valenti, Giorgio Mo Allagranzina and Giovanni Mo Costabella from the lower valley.
From the years to follow the staff of the group had new entries with original guides of Alagna and other from the lower valleys: Val Sermenza, Val Mastallone. The Alagna Alpine Guide Group it was, even then, the reference group for those wishing to embark on the alpine guide profession.
Of course the Alagna mountain guides have had and still have an important part in the history of Valsesia side of Monte Rosa; not only! Since the early years of activity of our association, the members also distinguished in different internationally renowned campaigns.



Enzio Andrea - Capoguida

Uberti Fabrizio - Vice-capoguida

Cucchi Michele - Segretario

Ambrosino Maurizio

Antonietti Osvaldo

Bertoncini Tiziano

Borini Sandro

Brentari Maurizio

Cocchini Oscar

Crotta Giancarlo

Cunaccia Marco

Dalla Valentina Paolo

Degasparis Andrea

Degasparis Nicola

Enzio Francesco

Enzio Giuseppe

Enzio Michele

Fisher Armin

Frigiolini Alessandro

Gabbio Sergio

Gobbi Christian

Loss Fabio

Monari Anna

Mondinelli Silvio

Moretti Martino

Paglino Paolo

Pierrettori Andrea

Sperandio Roldano

Tamilla Andrea

Valzer Roberto

Viotti Nicola

Zanoli Paolo

Zucchetti Alberto


Carmellino Vito

Castagnola Augusto Bruno

Chiara Claudio

Enzio Alberto

Enzio Paolo

Fanetti Bruno

Fanetti Roberto

Fuselli Adriano

Orso Ermanno

Viotti Giovanni Pietro


The Alagna Alpine Guides Group is a reality present on the Valsesian’s territory for already several years.
Among its main tasks is to promote proper attendance of the mountain and to offer to tourists the opportunity to discover the Valsesian mountains through the professionalism of its mountain guides.
In recent years the Alagna Alpine Guides Group, together with the association “Friends of the Guides” has carried out some noteworthy projects that have served to boost the local tourism offer and to raise awareness of Alagna and the Valsesia to the general public.


Scuola di Alpinismo

Corpo Guide Alagna

Via dei Walser, 9

13021 Alagna Valsesia (VC) 

 P.IVA e C.F. 02018960027